CBSE Affiliation



CBSE Norms Of Affiliations



Norms of Affiliation with CBSE :

1.    1. The school is Affiliated with CBSE vide AffiliationNo.: 2100058 dated:22/06/2009

2.  Schoolis sponsored by KVS,New Delhi.

3.  Schoolhas more than 2 Acre , Approximately 13.66 Acre Land.


4.  4.The School has well qualified staff. The staff members are appointed by KVS(HQ),New Delhi. Pupil Teacherratio is fixed by KVS.


5.  Salary of the staff members is being paid by KVS as pernorms of Sixth Pay Commission, Government of India.



1.      The institution has all thefacilities commensurate with its requirement.

2.      It satisfies minimum conditions laid down for School building , classrooms etc.

3.      The No. of students in each is about40 except in a few classes due to transfer of students from other KVs.

4.      Library is well equipped and spacious. It has more than Six thousands book.

5.     The School subscribes sufficient No. of News papers andmagazines suitable for students. There aremore than 15    Magazines purchased in each months.

6.      The class rooms are well maintainedand they have the size approved by KVS.

7.      Physics , chemistryand Bio labs are well maintained andthey are well equipped.

8.      The school has well equipped Libraryand Readingroom.

9.      Two Computer labs are there in theSchool. The ratio of computers and students is 1:14 .10.     There areseparate rooms for Music andSports.


11.     TheSchool has one resource room having adequate faciltiesfor providing recreation activities for Primary Students.

Admission and Fees:

1.Admissions in the Vidyalaya are madeas per KVS Norms .

2.Fees Structure is as under:

3.No tution fees is charged from the students of class I-VIII .



Staff and Conditions:

1.   Salary of the staff is being paid by KVS.

2.   Salary of the staff is being paid by the Bank Account.

3.   Teachers are appointed by KVSand probation of newly appointed teachers is of two yeas.

4.   The all retirement benefits like GPF,CPF,Gratuity are paid by KVS well in time.

5.   Teachers teaching in Secondary /Senior secondaryclasses are not teaching more than � of the Total periods in a week.

6.   The No. of students in each class is 40 ,some time the limit exceeds due to transfer cases ofother KVS.

7.   In- Service Courses are being organized for all theteachers of KVS.

8.   Photocopies of original degree/diploma certificatesof the teachers are enclosed in the personal file.

9.   The incidents like Gender specific violence are checked.


Financial Resources:


1.  Salaryand other service benefitsare paid by KVS well in time .